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Naming a Blog

In this second blog post I want to talk(well… write) about the name of this blog, and the meaning of “CodeSailer”.
When I started to develop this site I wasn’t sure which name to choose, so at the start I ignored it and I focused on coding this site, but soon I reached the time to put this blog online, and this “problem” came up, and I get stuck.
I searched online some tips on how to choose a website/Blog name, and I understood how important it is, making the choice harder.
For some days I wasn’t able to pick a name, or at least nothing really usable. Nowadays coming up with something unique, short, easly remembered and that has not already been taken is tough.
Luckily, one day something clicked in my mind, “CodeSailer”.
This is composed by two word “Code” and “Sailer”.
I choose the word code because of what i’m goning to talk about, which is softwares and games development(with a little bit of gaming 🎮).
Sailer instead mean “a vessel propelled by a sail or sails”(thank you dictionary) ⛵, in this case I choose this word because the vessel rappresent this site, my curiosity is like the wind blowing on the sails that moves the boat letting me to discover and learn new things(very poetic isn’t it?).
I don’t know where my curiosity will bring me to, but I can’t wait to find out and to share it to you… if I don’t sink 😄

Do you like the name?
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