I created a GitHub account where I’ll put all my new and old projects.
As for now there are only 2 repos:

Let’s see what they are.


This is a fork of this repo.
This is a simple program that allow you to catch the udp data sent by Project CARS 2 or Project CARS 3.
I recently played Project CARS 3 and I love it.
Some days ago, I found that the game send telemetry data via UDP, so I started experiment with it.
With the library of the repo I was able to get the data and to read it.
I forked the repo for 2 mains reasons:

I just added some code to be able to read the sectors time data, and to be able to save some of the data into a txt file.
The txt file created will be used by the software of the second repo.


This is a really simple software that graphically displays telemetry data.
To show the graph I used OxyPlot.
This was a pretty fun experiment, very simple, fast to do, but really satisfying.

I’ll go deeper in the details of this project inside its project post.


I’ll release my older projects/tutorials to GitHub(INI File Reader, Simple Recorder and Simple Video Player), so you can see the code easly.
I’ll do the same for my future projects.


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