It’s Alive!

Hi, if you’re reading this you’re reading the first post of this website, CONGRATULATION!
Why congratulation? well, how many website do you know? and in how many of them did you read the first page ever made? It’s pretty rare to read this type of pages because we come in contact to websites when they are already big or, at least, they have already grown a little.
It’s like to see the first video ever of youtube(btw is this one: ).
So, again, congratulation!
Now let’s me introduce myself.
I’m Max, just a normal guy with a huge passion for programming and video games.
I consider myself an averange level on both of those sectors, I’m not a videogames pro-player, neither the best programmer ever existed, but I always like to do the best I can, pushing my limits.
As you might have saw in the home page there are 2 categories, “Blog Post” and “Project”, the blog post are like this one, a post where I write about a general subject, under projects instead I’ll show to you the programs or games that I made, of course I let you play them(for free), just remember that create a game or a software takes a lot of time. This is why I created this Blog, to test my knowledge, face my limits and improve while sharing this journey with you.
There are so many things that I want to write down, I will do my best to stay consistent on posting, so check the site often 😄
If you want to know when a new post is published or you want to leave a comment, follow me on twitter @CodeSailer.

Here is a photo of what the site looks like, in case I change the design in the future:
Responsive image