I haven’t published a lot in the recent times, but don’t worry, it’s only because I’ve been working on some porjects.
Two of them have been published:

The first is an app for Android, the second one is a browser game(work on mobile too).
You can have more information inside their respective posts.

What about now?

Currently I’m still developing the game called “Execrated”, here is the last update:

It’s a bit outdated, a lot is changed and I can’t wait to show it to you.

A new video is coming?

Honestly, I don’t thik I will publish a new gameplay any time soon.
It takes time from the development and complete this game is my prority for now.


Like I write earlier, I’m focusing on the develompment, I want to finish the game as fast as I can but with all the feature I have in my mind.
After that I hope to be able to publish it on Steam, it’s a goal that I want to achieve.


That’s all!
You can always contact me on Twitter! @CodeSailer