GIF Studio

After a long time I’m finally posting something again!
Some days ago I photographed some lightning strikes and I asked myself “why not make a gif with these photos?”, and so I searched and learned how to make GIFs.
I created a lot of batch file to be able to make them, it was very complex and quite boring(I have to manually edit each batch for every test), then I created a this program to make GIF more easly.

You can download this program here:


This program require FFMPG to work, you can download it here, just copy the “ffmpeg.exe” inside the GIF Studio directory.

How to use it?

It’s very simple to use, just drag your photos inside the program, set the target framerate(if empty = 1fps) check if you want an HQ GIF(heavier but better quality) and the save the GIF!(it will be exported as “animated.gif” inside the app folder).
I’ve also made a video that explain how to use it:


I’ll explain the code in another post, don’t worry I’ll publish it soon!


Let me know what you think of this program.
You can contact me on Twitter: @CodeSailer