I always wanted to create a videogame, I started a lot of them, but I never fully completated one until now.
This is my first published game!*

*Actually, it is the second one, I’ve created samller one for a friend’s website that is no longer online.

The game

This is a really simple game, you have to reach the heart that is located at the end of every level, but be careful of the obstacle and enemies.
There are 10 levels, the first levels are easier than the letter ones.
If you die, the current level restarts.

Responsive image

Responsive image

Where to play

You can play it from the browser on, a well known store of indies games and software.
Here’s the link:


I develop this game in Godot while I started to learn it.
I find Godot really easy to pick up and there’s a lot of tutorials out there.
In fact I started to follow a tutorial and then I experimented with what I learned.


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