I’ve just released an App that I’ve developed!🎉
Why? What it does? Where can you get it?
Let’s find out😄

The problem

This is a simple app that I developed to solve a problem that I had recently.
When I go to do trekking(or in some interesting places) I take a lot of photos that I like to publish on Instagram, but I find out that it dosen’t support panoramic picture, making them usless(and I make a lot of them).

The solution

To solve this porblem you can use “carousel” that are a list of photo, the only downside is that I have to manually split every panoramic photos, so why don’t create an App to do this automatically?

The App

The App, called “MaxPanoSplit”, do exacly this.
You open the image to split, tap a button and voilà, all the splitted images ready to be published.
I programmated this App in Java(I don’t know Kotlin) and, as for now, it only split image on a fixed resolution of 1080px of width.
Here’s some screenshots:
Responsive image Responsive image
It has one button to choose the image to split.
The second button(enabled only if an images has been loaded) create a folder(inside “Download”) with the name of the picture and save the images inside it to make easy find them.
Every images created has a number as name, the “0.jpg” will be the leftmost picture.

Where to get it?

Initially I tought to publish it here on my site, but soon I change my mind and I choose to publish it on the Google Play Store.
You can find it there, here’s the link:
Obviously the app is free and without ads!

Let me know what you think on Twitter: @CodeSailer